Adding Room EQ to Rogue Amoeba's SoundSource

- Download and install the latest version of SoundSource.
- Download and install the AU version of the MathAudio Room EQ plug-in. SoundSource doesn't support the direct monitoring which is necessary for the room measurement, but you can use demo version of Reaper for the measurement. The measurement process is as follows:
- Download and install Reaper (demo version is enough).
- Set Reaper in accordance with the image below.
reaper settings
- Make sure that Reaper's indicators show the presence of the mic signal (see figure above).
- Measure the frequency response of your room in accordance with the items 5 and 6 of the Room EQ Help manual. Make no less than 5-20 measurements within the area of possible locations of all listeners. Use the "Save preset" button to save the frequency response as a .snr file.
- Quit Reaper without saving.
- Launch SoundSource.
- Click the button which is shown by the red arrow below
Adding Room EQ to SoundSource
- Click the "Add Effect" button whish is shown by the red arrow below and add Room EQ AU to SoundSource.
Adding Room EQ to SoundSource
- Unselect all unnecessary audio plug-ins and click the MathAudio Room EQ string to open the Room EQ windows as it is shown below.
Adding Room EQ to SoundSource
- Click the "Load preset" button in the Room EQ window to load the .snr file.