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Thanks for the software! Feel free to post the below in whole or in part on your site.
I can say, without reservation, that MathAudio is the biggest improvement you can make to your audio playback system absent of constructing an acoustically correct room for the purpose.
This would, of course, cost up to 1000 times the bargain price of this software.
As long as your speakers are of high quality and powerful enough to reproduce bass, the software can correct the anomalies arising from room interaction extremely effectively without introducing nasty artifacts. You can preserve the character of your speaker, or go for ruler-flat with the simple control of one slider.
In short, you can make your current room sound much, much better - you could never achieve an equivalent improvement in the bass region by purchasing bass traps, panels, etc. I would still recommend these products for controlling first reflections of the higher frequencies, however.
I measured the before and after response, and except for one null, the corrected response is close to +/-3dB from 40 Hz-12kHz, which is quite unbelievable!
Imaging is vastly improved, but what I found even more exciting is the impulse response and phase coherence. The speakers sound almost like main monitors built into the wall.
Now, the bass localizes in the center, where it used to tilt left, owing to the varying density of the wall behind the speakers.
Excellent product, great price, thank you!

Julian Mack, Los Angeles, Nightjar, LLC

I set things up and sound is great. takes a little while to abandon what you are used to, but when I did I experienced better soundstage, more balanced sound, and less boominess (hey what happened to all the extra bass I was getting from my DAC??). Beers on me when you are in NYC!
Vassilis New York

Thank you very much for the sound improvement in my home! I invite you to read this fast guide that I wrote. http://www.forodvd.com/tema/

It is really magical, what your plugin can do to the sound. It is like coming into the music hall after waiting so long outside, hearing the music, but without the living atmosphere.
Many thanks for programming this tiny piece of software, which makes me so happy.


Well, I like it, very much. I've been using it for a week now. Tested it with a microphone I have at hand, and the results were fantastic. So, I connected very old (but functional) Realistic speakers just to see what happens, and WOW, these speakers are not so bad at all!!! I'll invest in a better mic.
PEMO Estado de Mexico

Hello guys,
I just wanted to let you know that I have been very happy with Room EQ so far! I´ve not only used it in my studio, but also in several live (DJ´ing) situations in several clubs in the last year, with just as great results. Here is the actual party that went through Mathaudio for the best sound:

Lorenz Germany

The plugin was a TREMENDOUS help with the sweetening and mastering I just did for video I edited for Canadian TV.
Al Canada

A few days ago I came across your foobar Room EQ plugin. First a big THANK YOU for this wonderful plugin. I tried to EQ my speakers and quickly made 4 measurements (with a calibrated mic). The speakers are full rangers in a "test" card box setup, (my real speakers are on repair :-( ) which can not sound good in that "enclosure" and the frequency response is far from ideal. With your correction the sound improved very much. I then tried to EQ a portable speaker (Canton DSS 103). The results where stunning! I asked my two children (6 and 8) if they preferred the EQed sound and which version sounded more real. The answers were very clear that by far the EQed version was much better and "live" sounding. Of course I adjusted the loudness with pink noise for the corrected / uncorrected slider to match.

I took about 15 measurements, symmetrically and I have to really hand it to you, this really does a fantastic job. It doesn't impart itself onto the signal; it's very noninvasive especially comparing it to others out there. One of the others I tested (which I didn't have a good feeling about the first time I tested it recently) is a very popular one, and I couldn't believe the pre-ringing and softening effect it had compared to MA.

It worked very well for my DIY speakers. I was finding the highs very loud before, now its balanced it well... Super solution for a quick fix.

When I first found out about this, I immediately ordered the microphone.
I was a little skeptic at first, but this really works. I used the Foobar2000 plugin.
It works best for resolving the extreme problems of a room. Trying to make everything completely flat does more harm than good, but moderately taking care of the big problems, the first thing I noticed was enhanced clarity and the fact that I can now turn-up the Volume without it becoming obnoxious.
My setup is not low quality gear. I have a Musical-Fidelity V-DAC connected to a Cambridge-Audio 340SE Amplifier and a pair of Monitor-Audio RX1 speakers.
I can say without a doubt that the best value that I got for my money so-far is the 75$ + shipping that I paid for the measurement microphone and this piece of software.
Thank you very much! I wish you'd posted a PayPal tip link next to the free plugin.


My name is Andrea and I'm writing from Italy. I tried your plug-in and I found it amazing for low frequencies' control. In fact, your product amazingly reduced the bass echo and repercussion caused by a not ideal (but forced) positioning of my speakers in my room.
Now the sound is much more neutral and enjoyable even if, before trying the plug-in, I was happy with the sound produced by my system.

Andrea Italy

After using <...> I stumbled after lots of searching on your product. It is much simpler to use and I find the results far more effective, congratulations on a job well done.
Marinus New Zealand

My biggest issue right now because I am rediscovering my music collection is that I cannot get any sleep! That is my only complaint! Root cause: MathAudio Room EQ Plugin.
The joy that MathAudio has brought to my music enjoyment is indescribable. I cannot believe what I have been missing because of the uncontrolled interactions between my listening room and speakers. Anyway, in order to put my kids through college, I had to downsize my $10k system which included Dali Grands which were bi-amped. As a replacement, I have a very modest system compared to what I previously had. It is nothing special, but very inexpensive and carefully selected components that surprisingly exceeded playback I thought was possible in my limited budget.
Since using Room EQ, my system is much more balanced and focused. The soundstage has been greatly improved with more realism in the placement of musicians. Everything is more distinct, from bass to snare. Vocals are natural sounding, and open, as in out of the box, and the singer is there with you. My speakers are invisible now and sound more like speakers that I would have previously paid multiple thousands of dollars to own.
I have always desired digital room correction, but I could not justify the cost. Even as the costs came down, the products seemed complicated to use. Other low cost/free solutions required fiddling around with settings and many steps. MathAudio is simple, effective, and delivers great results. I have no desire to look any further.
Thanks to MathAudio, I have achieved my high end audio ideal without the high end budget.


Thanks! It's a great product. It has helped me so much in my room. An incredible asset!

it's a wonderful product. I really like the voodoo that happens with the phase response. it really helps with picking out transients. material that really stands out in the calibrated flattened state...REALLY stands out when it's ready to be translated on other systems.
I specifically like how it evens out the bass notes. even in untreated room..the bottom end isn't a total mystery.


Compared MathAudio to <...> on a TX-NR807 receiver...MathAudio gave me better results every single time. MathAudio Room EQ used with the neutral setting was very clear, and improved the musical soundstage and imaging. I'm using the paid version of MathAudio as a VST plugin in JRiver.

I am using the room-EQ plug-in for quite a while now.
My listening room is in my basement quite reverberant with concrete walls and ceiling. Floor is parquet. I use this room as a storage as well, so the walls are not completely naked but there still are remarkable echos between the parallel walls.
It's app. 30m2 big and 2.4 m high.
I have always had an issue with imaging as one could imagine with those walls and ceiling.
I can say one thing about the Room-EQ for sure:
This little programme tidies up my listening room!
Stageing is much better, I can hear much more detail, I can now hear singers breathe for exemple. The stage gained depth.
Bass is -of course- better because my 1st longitudinal resonance at 27 Hz is being taken care of :-)) I do not have a lack of bass. My main speakers are 4 way with 12" woofers, my subwoofer is a 21" tuned to 16 Hz in app. 600 litres :-))
Since I am using room-EQ I really discoverd so many new details in my music, I would never want to miss it. Fact is: The room-EQ is state of the art in the moment and cures the problems, you can never take care of with the rest of your music-equipment: your room-problems.
If you want to treat your room to get similar results as with the room-EQ you are likely going to spend a fortune and maybe a life's time...


Hi Mathaudio,
Did a review in Holland regarding Mathaudio EQ.
Great software love it.

Frans Holland

your room eq is the most freaking plugin i've ever used. maybe the best plugin ever.
this sweet plugin brought me the biggest improvement in my audio line up! everything is now so transparent.
no more boomy bass...3d listening experience...every instrument is sharp ...a dream.
now my reference 3a midi master speakers, my L.K.S. audio DA-003 DAC my Denon 1315R amp can show what they really can...very very nice....big thanks....best tom


I set up Mathaudio VST on the PC in my music room and transformed my music system.
Even my wife heard a dramatic difference. Thank you!

Mack Australia

Hi there,
first of all, many many thanks for creating such a wonderful plugin. I now have the problem to listen to all my about 800 favourite music files again.
Since more than 30 years, I try to get the best sound possible, without spending several 100k Euros.
By the time I nearly got a room full of speaker chassis and other hardware until I found the optimal combination.
Especially the tweeter was a great problem. After using many of the conventional and ribbon tweeters and even very expensive AMTs, I am now using the Scanspaek d3004-660000. The speaker housings are out of thick concrete material.
My installation is a PC with 4x3,5 GHz CPU and 8GB RAM with 2,8 GHz, a special power supply and a Marian Seraph D4 soundcard on a WindowsServer 2012 AudiophileOptimizer system, which is leading the signal via four modified DACs with the ES9018 chip to eight symmetrical amps.
After trying and also buying several hardware and software roomcorrection systems, I found them all manipulating the sound in the way, that the impulses were gone weaker and the higher frequencies sounded, like there was curtain in front of the speakers.
So I smoothed the frequency respose of my speakers with several EQ plugins in the fabulous Bidule host to get a relatively good sound. (The best EQ plugins, I found, were the new TDR nova GE in insane mode.)
But there were several parts of music which made disturbances in my ears, and the sound was often compressed, especially with complex files.
Finally, with your 64bit plugin, which sounds to me much better than the Foobar component, all of these problems disappeared and the music sounds as it has to. :-)))
After the first minutes of listening, I was nearly shocked about the difference.

Michael Germany

Your ROOM EQ component is superb, I now prefer it over <...> (which I've been using for around 10 years with the impulses generated by the Room EQ Wizard). Your Room EQ sounds more transparent, it preserves the vibrancy of music. Your component is also easier to setup and it can be adjusted very quickly.

Dear Sirs,
Greetings from Brazil.
I am writting to congratulate you and say thanks for this great product of yours, MathAudio Room EQ.
A friend of mine just dropped by yesterday with his calibrated microphone and measured my system+room response.
The whole procedure is clean, fast and intuitive and the result is very clear. Multiple thumbs up for you and your team.
Since I don't have the possibility of physically treating my accoustic environment, your solution came in as a full swiss army knife.
In my HT room I have also a stereo setup with the following configuration:
pre + active x-over + power
Many times I run the system while I am cooking in the kitchen. So I turn the sub off. We then easily saved two preset configurations (with sub and without sub). During this process we were able to better integrate the sub level with the main speakers. Again, wonderfull solution of yours.
I have also a music room - kind of man cave room - where my wife doesn't mind the mess I can create from time to time. There we measured the system response (I usually toy around the system up there using class A valve amplifier during the winter and solid state during the summer) from the single chair I have there. We also made a multipoint measurement around the chair to define a sort of head position field position volume. Again very fast with great results.

Andre Brazil

I've already finished measuring my monitors / room tonight with your product. The results are oustandingly good. I have tried many of these, inlcuding <...>, <...>, <...>, but honestly, yours is the best result-wise and also so easy to handle, superb work!

at first I want to say thank you for this excellent product. I have already used all kind of room corrections (<...>, <...> with convolver, <...>, <...>) but yours is the best so far in terms of usability and sound quality. I'm extremely satisfied as I can't hear any difference in the mids and highs if I only remove some bass peaks. All other corrections have a negative impact here.

Bernd Germany

Hi there,
I want to tell you how much I appreciate your litlle tiny peace of software. Since more than 40 years i am busy looking for the best sound.
I worked with several room correction devices and software including <...> and <...>, but yours is absolutely the best for me.
Best audiophile regards

Michael Germany

Thanks for answering and the submitted infos.
So... thumbs up for your plugin. I really enjoy the combination of MathEQ and audirvana. It just sounds amazing by solving some issues of my room/listening position.

Norbert Germany

I am from Uganda - A sound engineer - Was so thrilled to find room eq - its quick to use and gives great results - as soon as i applied it on my master bus i instantly heard dynamics in the mixes - thank you so much for such a great plugin -

Andrew Uganda

I can tell you that Mathaudio Room EQ in room eq mode or bypass mode is a Hugh difference at any frequency. First it looks like you loose some highs but after listening for several minutes and change to bypass mode the results are astounding. I'm 59 spent amounts of money on stereo gear where you could buy a nice middle class car for but nothing changed the sound so much as Mathaudio does. I listen now to all my old Cd's and hear things i did not hear in 40 years basically with simple stereo gear. The Beatles or any other band sound like a real band you here the interaction between the band members such that is becomes intimate. Thanks for that. Keep me posted for any beta test.

I've used it for a while and I'll definitely be buying this software. Wow, the simplicity and ability to restore what the music should sound like is just flooring me. I used to use full room correction with <...> but was ultimately unsatisfied with it. This software of your's seems to walk the fine line between the real world and perfection.
Thanks for such a great application.


Thank you for the great VST !
I have managed to do in 20 minutes what i was unable to achieve with <...> for two weeks. Very easy to use and gets great results.


I still haven't finalized my degree of correction this time around, but what is funny is that the impact of correction is way more obvious on old mono restored recordings from the thirties and later. The immediate snap to a well-defined center focus for the mono is amazing, and they sound fantastic compared to un-corrected.
The overall improvement in the stereo stage is quite impressive as well.


Habe jetzt das Foobar RoomEQ Plugin getestet und bin ziemlich beeindruckt, das muss ich schon zugeben. Der Bass ist wirklich ein Traum in meinen Ohren.
Was mir sofort auffiel, war die fehlende Gemeinsamkeit im Klang bei unterschiedlichem Programm. Der Raumklang mit seinen Moden prägt sich ja normalerweise der Musik auf und jetzt klingt jedes Stück völlig einständig.
Eigentlich wollte ich ja meine erste Wellenfront schonen und nur den Bass bis in den Grundton entzerren -was leider damit nicht möglich ist- aber ich sitze praktisch noch im Nahfeld der Lautsprecher und habe durch die breiten Schallwände obenrum relativ wenig Diffusschallanteil. So funktioniert auch das Imaging immer noch gut.

Rainer Germany

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